Rental Inspections

  • Thinking about renting a property?
  • Are you the owner in need of detailed information regarding the condition of your property?
  • Want to keep a detailed record of the property in between renters?


At Absolute Inspection Services, we perform rental inspections designed to act as a database of comparison to any future renters you may have. This information can be updated throughout the course of your ownership, and can potentially even act as a listing inspection should you deem necessary to sell the home. Our detailed reports can provide a basis of condition for decisions regarding deposit refund, repairs needed, and even cost estimates. For renters alike, our inspection delivers not only a detailed condition analysis of the property before move in, but it also can provide the same comparison when attempting to retrieve your deposit. Whether you own the rental, or are looking to rent a property, trust the certified inspectors at Absolute Inspection Services to protect your property and assets.