Sellers Inspection

  • Placing your home up for sale and what to know what conditions may arise?
  • Want to increase the target audience of buyers that can purchase your home?
  • Want to ensure a smooth and easy transaction that results in faster close times?


Then a sellers (listing) inspection is what you need. Sellers inspections are designed to provide a preemptive inspection of the home before placing it for sale. Disclosed corrections, or upgrades found by Absolute Inspection Services gives insight into what a buyers inspector may find to the home, thus allowing corrections to be performed; resulting in a smooth, easy transaction and faster close times. Certain corrective conditions and/or upgrades may also allow FHA VA loan buyers the flexibility to purchase your home (where they were otherwise not able to do so), opening possible availability and/or competition for your home! At Absolute Inspection Services, we are highly trained in FHA and VA MPR’s that are designed to satisfy the appraiser and allow fluidity to the transaction for FHA or VA style loans.